Contact partners

Contact partners
Committee   E-Mail
Chairman Jürgen Schart E-Mail
1st Vice-chairman Henri Paletta E-Mail
2nd Vice-chairman Ulrike Gehner E-Mail
Board of Directors    
Head of Training Unit Daniela Lekies E-Mail
Head of national Mission Unit Uwe Becker E-Mail
Head of international Mission Unit Michael Lesmeister E-Mail
Head of Technology and Devices Unit Thomas Ristau E-Mail
Head of Media and Communications Unit Gerlinde Neubauer E-Mail
Head of Finance Unit Diana Fluhr E-Mail
Head of Legal and Insurance Unit Dr. Daniela Lesmeister E-Mail
Rescue Dog Judges’ Representative Georg Runde E-Mail
Chair of the Advisory Board Holger Grinnus E-Mail
State officials    
Baden-Württemberg Andreas Weindel E-Mail
Bavaria Andreas Kellringer E-Mail
Berlin Jeannette Ullrich E-Mail
Brandenburg Jeannette Ullrich E-Mail
Hamburg Holger Grinnus E-Mail
Hessen Brigitte Rockel E-Mail
Lower Saxony Günter Wielage E-Mail
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Gabriel Fibinger E-Mail
North Rhine-Westphalia Torgen Mörschel E-Mail
Rhineland-Palatinate Tanja Teusch-Morscheit E-Mail
Saarland Tanja Teusch-Morscheit E-Mail
Saxony Axel Klemmer E-Mail
Saxony-Anhalt Alexander Koch E-Mail
Schleswig-Holstein Andreas Polter E-Mail
Data Protection Officer Philipp Schwarz E-Mail
External ombudsman

Compliance / Anti-Corruption
Heinrich Egbert E-Mail
Animal Welfare Officer Ulrike Gehner E-Mail
dhv-Chairman Achim Friedel E-Mail
Honorary President    
Honorary President Wilfried Heines E-Mail
Training Centre Rescue and Help (TCRH)    
Hünxe   E-Mail
Mosbach   E-Mail
Malchin   E-Mail