Hünxe training centre

On 9 April 2008, the purchase contract for the former Anita-Thyssen-Heim park was signed by the BRH committee at the town hall in Hünxe, near Wesel. The world’s first training centre just for rescue dog handlers and emergency staff was created from the land.

On the approximately 75,000 square metres of land, practical exercises such as area search, subordination and work using technical devices can be performed. A debris field is currently nearing completion, which will also meet the high demands of debris work.

At the time, the property was built by Thyssen as a training facility for plant employees, and so sufficient seminar and conference rooms are available for the BRH members. An industrial commercial kitchen and accommodation for 68 event participants is perfect for the Association. For major events, the gym on the site can be included.

As the land hadn’t been used for several years, large clear-up and renovation works were planned, which were organised by the labour service. Members from all over Germany regularly and enthusiastically participate in the works and are proud of the Association’s own centre.