TCRH Rescue and Help Training Center Mosbach

Since 2015, the BRH (German Search and Rescue Dog Association) has operated a teaching and training centre for disaster relief on the site of the former Neckartal barracks, with a core area of 60,000 m2 and a total area of 270,000 m2.  Emergency services train here in all areas of disaster control and civil protection as well as internal security in an interdisciplinary manner.


The existing land and building structures can fulfil all requirements in terms of technical and non-technical services for tactical and operational training and exercises. This allows specific scenarios, as well as large-scale damage, mass shootings and terrorism, to be easily reconstructed. Modernised training rooms, indoor exercise rooms, conference technology and offices, as well as accommodation for up to 150 people, optimise the efficiency of the training courses.

There is also very close cooperation with the owner of the site. This makes it easy to provide different materials such as concrete, wood, steel, electronics, paper, etc., as well as disposal for destructive and non-destructive exercises and training.

The TCRH Mosbach also serves as the main training centre for the BRH for biological and technical search and detection in rubble. Several sites are currently under construction or have already been completed. These cover a wide range of scenarios and are invaluable for the high-level training of emergency responders.