Aid teams dispatched to the Caribbean


Team on the move in the disaster area - support for partner organisations

Following the severity of Hurricane Matthew the humanitarian aid division of the BRH - Bundesverband Rettungshunde - and the I.S.A.R. Germany dispatched a team to Haiti. The organisations were responding to an international request for aid issued by the government of Haiti. The six experts from the areas of Mission Management and Medical Assistance departed from Düsseldorf International Airport today. The task will be to provide support to partners in the disaster area, and to assess the situation following the hurricane. The objective is to coordinate potential aid projects on the ground with the partners. I.S.A.R. Germany was also involved in a mission to Haiti in 2010 following a severe earthquake. Since then, contacts with aid organisations within the country have been maintained. The newly dispatched team will also establish contact with the country's authorities.

The joint team will also be bringing medical equipment to Haiti. This means that the provision of medical aid for 500 people can be safeguarded for several days. An additional aid team consisting of doctors, carers and paramedics is also on standby, if need be. This team can be brought to the disaster area within a very short space of time, in order to provide comprehensive medical support at a treatment centre to victims of the hurricane.

The assessment team is due to arrive in Haiti tomorrow.

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