Emergency response vehicle for the city of Tacloban


Sustainable help which gets through: emergency response vehicle and expertise for the Philippines

The provision of medical support for medical emergencies in the Philippine city of Tacloban will see an improvement in future. The humanitarian division of the BRH - Bundesverband Rettungshunde e.V. - and the I.S.A.R. Germany have presented the city's fire and rescue services with a new emergency response vehicle.

The vehicle had been constructed in previous weeks in the capital city Manila. It has now been handed over from our team to the city of Tacloban. After 22 hours the emergency response vehicle was able to be transferred to the members of the fire and rescue service stationed there. An intensive training course is currently under way to familiarise the fire and rescue teams with the new equipment.

Typhoon Haiyan destroyed a significant proportion of the region's infrastructure in 2013. Our rescue workers were on hand providing support to the population in a mobile field hospital. Consequently, recent years have witnessed several regenerative projects taking place as a way of helping people re-establish normal life. This now includes a brand-new emergency response vehicle with modern equipment.

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