Help for Ukrainian refugees


BRH on the way to the Ukrainian border

Hünxe. (2/27/2022) Hundreds of thousands of people have already fled the war in Ukraine. Many more families are trying to leave the country right now. A reconnaissance team of partner organizations BRH Bundesverband Rettungshunde and I.S.A.R Germany is currently on its way to the Polish-Ukrainian border. The task is to determine what kind of assistance is needed. To this end, close cooperation is maintained with the local authorities.

The team has already brought 150 sleeping bags, baby food and toys. The donations are to be handed over to the people on the Ukrainian side who have to wait for hours to cross the border. Another 1,500 sleeping bags can be delivered in the near future. The team also includes a psychologist who is available to talk to people at the border.

I.S.A.R. Germany is an aid organization from North Rhine-Westphalia certified for international aid missions. The Emergency Medical Team (EMT), set up jointly with the BRH Bundesverband Rettungshunde e.V., has been certified by the World Health Organization since 2018. If necessary, the team can be quickly alerted to provide timely medical assistance in the border area with Ukraine. In addition, the organizations can contribute their experience in managing humanitarian missions. Discussions about this have already been held with the Polish authorities.

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