Hurricane Matthew / Haiti


“People are tired and disheartened”

Waterlogged fields, houses razed to the ground, bridges destroyed - 2.1 million people were affected by Hurricane Matthew when it hit Haiti - approximately 1.4 million people are in desperate need of help. The government of Haiti describes it as the worst disaster since the earthquake of 2010.

“In order to be able to bring supplies to those affected in the coming days and weeks, we desperately need the help of the German people” said Manuela Roßbach, Director of the charity “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”. “Fresh drinking water and hygienic measures are of particular importance: With every day that passes the danger increases that, as a result of flooding, contaminated drinking water will spread critical diseases such as cholera, consequently triggering an additional disaster.”

Aid organisations are becoming ever more acutely aware of the necessity of assistance stretching beyond the emergency aid of here and now. “People here have lost everything. Many people ask us: ‘When will it ever end? Will we ever get a break from these crises”, says World Vision Country Director John Hasse. “People are tired and disheartened” “In spite of this they somehow manage to stand up again and begin with the clear up.”

Reaching those affected remains is, above all else, as much of a challenge as before: “We transport the humanitarian goods by boat to the worst affected regions in the south west. There are, however, many areas which still cannot be reached - although everywhere here is in desperate need of aid!” reports Hasse.

The aid organisations operating in alliance with “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” help the affected population: The aid workers from action medor, ADRA, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, BRH Bundesverband Rettungshunde, CARE, Habitat for Humanity, Help, Malteser and World Vision provide medical treatment to the injured, distribute food, drinking water and hygiene products. Tents and tarpaulins should provide initial shelter to many people who have lost their homes as a result of the hurricane.

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